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John Deere 6R’evolution’


Europe’s most successful tractor series reaches new performance levels

With a production volume of more than 550,000 in Mannheim, the John Deere 6000 Series is Europe’s most successful tractor range, and the latest 6R Series design now offers new levels of performance. John Deere has taken the best and added some exceptional new features, so that the 6R stands for Evolution as well as Revolution.

With new models rated from 170 to 210hp, or a maximum of 200 to 240hp with Intelligent Power Management (according to 97/68EC), the 6R Series not only features cutting edge diesel-only fuel economy, it also introduces state-of-the-art engineering know-how: a new level of suspension comfort, unprecedented cab visibility and the integration of intelligent solutions. With a maximum power output of 240hp in combination with a vehicle weight of less than 8 tonnes, as well as a larger tyre size of 205cm, the design concept of the top of the range 6210R tractor is unique to the industry. Building on the proven success and durability of the 6000 Series, John Deere’s new 6R Series tractor range provides more powerful hydraulics plus an integrated front hitch and front pto. The full-frame design, with a wheelbase of 2.8m, provides top performance both in the field and on the road.

John Deere GreenEfficiency
Featuring high levels of power density, John Deere’s new 6R Series tractors are equipped with a 6.8-litre six-cylinder PowerTech PVX engine, conforming to the stringent Stage IIIB emission standards. This fuel efficient diesel-only engine technology features a four-valve high-pressure common rail (HP-CR) fuelling system with 2000 bar injection pressure, and a variable geometry turbocharger (VGT) which provides the exact amount of power boost required by the engine. Mixing measured amounts of cooled exhaust gas with incoming fresh air, the proven exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system significantly reduces nitrogen oxides (NOx) for more efficient combustion. In addition, an innovative distributed cooling system further improves engine performance. Finally, the John Deere diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) module and the diesel particulate filter (DPF) complete the task of providing benchmark fuel efficiency from this single-fluid engine technology. The result is a powerful, load-responsive and environmentally friendly solution which provides simplicity for both the user and the servicing dealer. Comparably efficient and well-proven technology is only available at the quality end of the automotive market.

A distinct choice of transmissions
Unlike some competitive machines in the same horsepower range, John Deere’s new 6R Series offers customers a distinct choice of transmission options to tailor the tractor to the user’s individual needs:

AutoQuad Plus and PowerQuadPlus both offer 20 forward and 20 reverse speeds in four gear ranges, plus cruise control for applications that demand constant speed and creeper gears for speeds as low as 250m/hr. They also feature a park lock, single lever shifting with a declutch button for conveniently shifting ranges on the move, and SoftShift technology for smoother gear changes under load. AutoQuad Plus is the premium choice, with automatic shifting between gears, and allows the operator to set the change points anywhere between 1700 and 2100rpm, so the tractor is always in the right gear for the job. The 40km/h version of the AutoQuad Plus EcoShift transmission includes technology which lowers the engine rpm at high transport speeds to maximise operator comfort and reduce fuel consumption.

With its high percentage of mechanical power, the AutoPowr transmission is designed for both field and road operations. The operator can shift smoothly from 0 to 40 or 50km/h and any speed in between using just a single lever, and no clutching is required, even to stop the tractor. The desired speed can be dialled in to let the transmission and engine work together to keep the tractor balanced and still able to react continuously to changing load conditions. A PowerZero feature allows the tractor to be held at zero speed without rolling back, even on inclines, regardless of load.

New 6R ComfortView cab – more space than ever before

Compared to previous 6030 Premium Series tractors, the new 6R ComfortView cab offers 20 per cent more space and a completely new level of comfort. High quality materials, the finish of the interior surfaces and distinctive ergonomics demonstrate first-class craftsmanship. The new cab offers a wide range of practical and operator-friendly features such as integrated climate and radio control, ergonomic radio and telephone control, Bluetooth connectivity including SIM card access and a GreenStar 3 CommandCenter display with optional touch screen and video capability. The cab’s roomy interior also offers generous visibility. This also includes the rear view, since electrically adjustable and heated telescopic mirrors are optionally available. In addition, an optional panorama roof provides a new dimension of front loader visibility. All this combines with the newly designed narrow bonnet and the enhanced overall styling of the 6R Series tractors, which are also featured on the brand new 7R and 8R Series models.

The new 7in full-colour GreenStar 3 CommandCenter display on the 6R Series tractors is easy to read and operate, especially with the optional touch screen version, and the exclusive intelligent Total Equipment Control (iTEC) allows the operator to automate multiple functions simultaneously. Both versions of the CommandCenter display fully support ISOBUS standards and enable tractor-implement automation (TIA) applications.

All important AMS precision farming applications can also be operated via the CommandCenter display, such as the AutoTrac fully automatic steering and Sprayer Pro control systems, as well as on-board diagnostic tools, an Access Manager lock-out function to prevent unintentional changes to settings, and a universal performance monitor. The optional touch screen display expands this range of features to include a video function for continuous monitoring of implements.

Also optionally available is the all-in-one GreenStar 2630 display, which has a robust touch screen with backlit LCD and enables powerful applications such as Guidance Pro modules, as well as featuring advanced ISOBUS capability, documentation, video monitoring of implements and a stand-by mode.

The right-hand CommandArm console helps to maximise productivity with hot keys for field cruise control, the iTEC system, transmission and pto settings, all hitch functions and MFWD controls. It also accommodates the radio, air conditioning and light controls.

Enhanced operator comfort – from seat to soil, day...
Enhanced levels of comfort are provided by the air suspended operator seat, and the pneumatic comfort level can be adjusted as required. The seat also features horizontal suspension and adapts dynamically to the operator’s weight when the height is adjusted.

A new hydraulic cab suspension (HSC Plus) option enhances driving comfort both in the field and on the road. The cab rests on two semi-active shock absorbers which reduce cab movement while still giving the operator an accurate feel for the tractor and the ground surface. The system uses sensors to detect body movement and increases or decreases the amount of oil in the shock absorber ram accordingly.

Finally, the Triple Link Suspension (TLS) Plus front axle suspension system provides optimum traction and field performance, and transfers up to seven per cent more power onto the ground. John Deere TLS Plus handles varying axle load conditions by applying features such as self-levelling suspension travel (+/-50mm), automatic adjustment of axle sensitivity and suspension rate, a long draft member for enhanced draft performance, and synchronisation with the hitch sensing system to compensate for the effects of power hop when pulling heavy loads.

...and night
Thanks to their new lighting system, 6R Series tractors are prepared for extended night shifts when ploughing, cultivating, spraying or harvesting. Up to 10 cab lights integrated into the front, rear and sides of the roof line provide 360 degree visibility. Six adjustable belt-line and rear fender field lights increase the versatility of the lighting system, in addition to the six field, spot and road lights on the bonnet grille, to guide the operator from dusk till dawn. Eight optional Xenon lights provide extra daylight at night-time when required, and all the lights are controlled from the CommandCenter display.

Other key features of John Deere’s all-new 6R Series tractors

Hydraulic system for more power, more speed, more comfort and better efficiency: closed-centre, pressure and flow compensated hydraulic system with up to seven SCVs. Hydraulic pump delivers 114 litres/min (standard) or 155 litres/min (optional). System pressure at maximum 200 bar. Auxiliary tanks available for extra oil take-out capacity (27 or 55 litres).

Rear hitch: maximum 9550kg lift capacity (6210R), Cat III, electronic lower link, load and depth control, infinite mix, float, controlled via CommandCenter display

Fully integrated front hitch: 4000kg lift capacity, two front SCV couplers, double-acting cylinders for both lift and down pressure, iTEC compatible

Ptos: an independent three-speed electrically shiftable pto is standard on all 6R Series tractors for consistent pto performance – 540/540E/1000rpm or 540E/1000/1000Erpm. The optionally available oil-cooled front pto is electro-hydraulically engaged and reaches 1000rpm at 1995engine rpm.

Rear axle: flange axle, or rack and pinion axle available as an option.

Front loaders for multiple tasks
Since loaders are an integral part of the tractor, John Deere offers a selection of front loaders designed to meet the needs of every task. Balanced to the front axle design, the H360 and H380 loaders have been developed to match the tyre size and tractor chassis dimensions, and to provide maximum visibility. John Deere front loaders feature a slim mounting frame, integrated suspension, diverter and relief valves and an integrated hydraulic routing with concealed oil lines. Depending on the task, they are available as non self-levelling (NSL), mechanical self-levelling (MSL) and hydraulic self-levelling (HSL) loaders, and can be equipped with a wide range of attachments.

What about service?
John Deere’s new 6R Series tractors provide instant access to all critical functions and parts for fast and easy daily servicing. John Deere dealers are able to keep the tractors running in optimum condition, for example using the Service ADVISOR diagnostics system, which can also be remotely operated for fast and reliable service inspections. In addition, John Deere offers the PowerGard protection plan for extended warranty options.

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