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Looking for a practical training place in Netherlands


I'm 22-years-old 3rd grade student of Agriculture and Rural Industries(UAS) from Finland. I'm lookinf for a practical training place in Netherlands for a summer 2013(3months). I'd prefer dairyfarm or something concerning dairy cattle but I'm open for other options too as long as it's about agriculture.
I have previous experience of practical training abroad. I have made 3 months practical training on a dairyfarm in Germany 2011. I'm happy to send full CV via e-mail.
If anyone is interested or might know someone who might be or knows better channels to get contact with farmers in Netherlands feel free to contact me via e-mail or post here.
All help appreciated.
Hope you don't think this as a spam.
Best Regards,
Tomi Mäkelä

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  • Tomi

    Thanks for all the replies. I got the placement. Sorry I didn't get back to you all in person but thanks for the fast replies for you all.
    Greetings from Finland,
    Tomi Mäkelä

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